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Palaza and McDonough is an owner operated tree removal company with over 25 years of experience. Unlike other tree removal companies Palaza and McDonough  is a highly skilled company that offers you personalized service. Typically, we do not have more than 4 employees, this means our customers benefit from men comfortable working with each other. What you may consider a difficult job is an everyday procedure to us and our crew.
On most of our jobs, either Tom McDonough, Jeff  Palaza, or both will be on site. Tom is a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. Both Tom and Jeff are expert tree climbers. By using an owner operated company you will be assisted with your project from start to finish by the owners. You will get your estimate and recommendations from the men who do the work. Also being an owner operated company you will benefit from our modern state of the art equipment. From our large capacity 40t crane to our stump grinder that can easily navigate through a 36" gate we can provide a safer more efficient job. We are able to identify the least invasive approach for your project, from start to cleanup we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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